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    Retrieving Text

    You are correct - I did stretch it but I can only attribute that to my having been working in video for the last two months and I just read that into his post.
  2. jberryl

    Retrieving Text

    Ralph, If saved the Production File (extension is .dmsm) and the original material from which it came then it is easy. Just use the time-line view and click on the Hide/Show tracks tab and this should give you access to the text track - UNLESS ... When you open up the Add Text option, it gives you a choice to Add to Production or Insert on an Internal Track. I have never had much success with adding stuff to the production when this choice is made. Video Effects gives you the same option and I ALWAYS choose Insert on an Internal Track cause adding it to the production (for me anyway) only lets me remove it by using the UNDO button. Once it's saved you're screwed and have to start over. You are also screwed if you have not saved the Production File and the original material which you made your production from. I've a feeling this is a PO moment and you will have learned a valuable lesson about Creator 10. Earlier versions always put it on an Internal Track and I have yet to fathom the point of adding it to the production if you can't change it. One work around you might try - If you have the source material available, take your finalized mpg and "Trim" out the portion with the text you want to change. Replace the section you have removed with the corrected text - but put it on the Internal Track. Then re-Export the video again. I hope this has helped clarify your options and good luck - just follow up if you have further questions.
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    Video Effects

    I've noticed that in Video Effects in the 2010 version, there are different ones than from earlier versions. The one I'm most interested in at the moment (cause I can't remember what all is different) is the sharpen feature in the older version. Is there someway to import this feature to the 2010 version of the product? While there IS a Circular Sharpen in the 2010 version, it tends to crackle the edges which is not what I want it to do. I'm looking to sharpen up some older videos that have a slight blur about them. I was also wondering if there were other places these Video Effects could be found - third party or company addons. Thanks & Regards,
  4. jberryl

    Oh, I'm Having Fun Now - Not

    Brilliant! Thanks so much for your technically excellent and insightful response to my problem. Please stop by anytime you feel the need to post such contributions. They are so appreciated by the community as being germane and relevant to the subject at hand and will help those who face similar trials with this software.
  5. ok, the basic info - Roxio Creator 9 Home Version: 9.0.088 Build: 900B88I, R03 Serial Number: .......................... Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2006 Module Name: PX Engine Build: 4.0.36a, 9 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2006 Module Name: Roxio Core Version: 3.3.0 Build: 3.30.45a, R9S Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2006 purchased off of E-bay Nov 2007 - installed clean per this forum instructions PROBLEMS with the videowave - Trim - sound runs, video freezes Program will lock up on occasion History - had Roxio 7 and was pretty pleased with this software except after editing in Videowave for 6 or 7 edits, program would freeze... thought I would upgrade to Roxio 9 - Computer is Dell OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600 System Type X86-based PC Processor x86 Family 15 Model 3 Stepping 4 GenuineIntel ~2992 Mhz Processor x86 Family 15 Model 3 Stepping 4 GenuineIntel ~2992 Mhz BIOS Version/Date Dell Inc. A06, 1/10/2005 Total Physical Memory 1,024.00 MB Available Physical Memory 354.98 MB Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB Page File Space 2.40 GB Drive C: Description Local Fixed Disk Compressed No File System NTFS Size 70.92 GB (76,149,641,216 bytes) Free Space 19.71 GB (21,164,453,888 bytes) Drive D: Description CD-ROM Disc Drive E: Description Local Fixed Disk Compressed No File System NTFS Size 27.93 GB (29,989,338,112 bytes) Free Space 22.36 GB (24,010,043,392 bytes) Volume Name BUSLINK Volume Serial Number Drive F: Description Local Fixed Disk Compressed No File System NTFS Size 465.76 GB (500,105,216,000 bytes) Free Space 366.62 GB (393,657,634,816 bytes) Volume Name FreeAgent Drive Volume Serial Number Norton Internet Security 2006 current. Personally I liked the options available in Version 7 of Roxio software but have deleted it from the system - would be willing to go backward if I could get it to be more stable - would be willing to upgrade to Version 10 if it was more stable ... oh... I mean actually work without me having to pull teeth. Have defragged all three disks, usually store media (wmv files) on largest drive (F). Moving files seems to have no effect on problems. Looking for suggestions - are there any known conflicts with other software (though I run the software with nothing else open I have a lot of programs loaded at start up - not all intentional... just over the years... you know ... rude programs like Quicktime which NEVER go away. Thanks in advance Added March 15th.... This video software has got to be one of the worse and frustrating software packages I've ever experienced. I have, as of this date, reinstalled it clean four times - and it continues to exhibit the same crash time and time again. Anyone who got it to work much not have ANYTHING else on their computer... I think the clean install was on a clean machine. I hate it - and as of this date there has been NO help forthcoming. What a waste of my money time and an investment in frustration and anger. I would be unable to recommend this software for anyone... and unfortunately I do not have the time or money to figure out what to recommend.
  6. What is the difference in the Photosuite - SAVE AS ... OPTIONS ... between Standard and Progressive... which provides the highest resolution and what is the difference between the two?