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    Burning A Standard Dvd

    How would I go about doing this process, because the videos are in 720, and they are around 1h, give or take 2/3 minutes. Would I only be able to fit 1 video on a DVD+R?
  2. MercJ

    Burning A Standard Dvd

    Ok I understand what you're saying I think, I'm new to this. So what you're saying is Toast will pretty much fill a dvd with the video because it makes said video the best quality it can. I was trying to put a show of mine onto a dvd for my mom to watch because she became in love it. So instead of her borrowing my Mac to watch the show. I decided to put it onto a dvd for her to watch, i don't think she's TOO worried about quality of video you know, I don't think she cares if it 1080 or 720, but something she can still watch and enjoy to see what happens. What would be the best approach towards this method?
  3. MercJ

    Burning A Standard Dvd

    Ok, so i'm sure there is already a topic on this question but I could not find one. I just bought Toast titanium roxio 11 thing. Anyways, my question is, when I'm burning a dvd. 1) I have a file that is 1.8 Gb, when i drag it onto toast it says it takes up around 3.68gb of the DVD. Why is that? Secondly, I downloaded handbrake because the files were incompatible, and now when i Burn the DVD it take FOREVER to encode. Is there anyone who can give me just the run down on how to burn a simple standard dvd using these two programs? D: