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    LP and Tape assistant controls disable on recording limit

    Eee doggies. That does it. I was "tricked" since the other buttons had become enabled, on the expiration of the recording timer. Minor bug in the clean-up code of the limit recording feature. Hope V9 fixes it.
  2. Gaucho Uruguayo

    Sonic dvdit pro v6

    I create narrated slideshows and was quite please with the "motion" effects (pan and zoom) of EMC7.5. I needed multiple language tracks and bought DVDit Pro. I was dissapointed that the native "slide show" in DVDit Pro did not support motion effects. So I have to go though a two step process to first render the video portion in one program then add the audio tracks in another. So, as was previously said. Depends on your definition of more powerful. Some things DVDit Pro are better some things DVD Builder from EMC7.5 are better. I'd love to have the one program from sonic that does motion and multiple language.
  3. when the "limit recording to n minutes" [Advanced Option]feature is used. If the time expires and the recording is automatically stopped, the tracklist features become disabled on screen 1 and 3 of the wizard. Try limiting a recording to 1 minute for a test. I am using the LP and Tape Assistant of Module Name: Roxio Creator 8 Deluxe Suite Home Version: 3.0.0 Build: 3.0.97B On the track display screens (screens 1of3 and 3of3; I can not scroll the track list; nor can I select/de-select(higlight) a track. On page 3of3 none of the playback controls respond, the DiscSize dropdown is disabled. Is this a know issues