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  1. I am learning to use Roxio Creator 2012 Special Edition as I go. I have put a significant amount of time creating a school video together that has 10 slideshows / 1 movie created in the MyDVD section. The project has these chapters broken down using 3 menus. There are a LOT of pictures in the slideshows (most about 160) and they all have music tracks. I can preview the files on the computer and view them with no problem. I am trying to burn them to a disc, and at about 46% it just stops and does not progress (after chapter 4, which is about where the menu would change). I believe it would just hang there indefinitely - have left it for about 15 minutes and figured it would not go so ended it through task manager - it would not allow me to cancel out of the burn. I have tried to educate myself by reading many posts on here to try a few things, including changing the setting for the burn so it was HP and not fit to disc (did not help). And tried to create an ISO file without burning to disc and it still hung up in the same place. I need to be able to present this to everyone next Saturday, and am really getting worried. Any help or input is MUCH appreciated. I am not overly technical, again, any suggestions are appreciated!!! Thanks!
  2. Thanks. There is definitely enough space on the dvd... And I did HQ for output. The pictures display, just not as clearly as I thought they would. Oh well, I am just glad I have something to use. Thanks!
  3. Oh, and just one more question... On the burned discs, a lot of the pictures come up clear when they first display and slowly become more pixelated. OK, just not great. Is there any type of setting I should adjust on the ISO burn to fix that? Thanks!
  4. Thanks Jim! I will try that today with the chapter I had to delete. If only I had known, I would have done that to begin with! Do you have any idea why the chapter buttons don't highlight on the dvd's I burn? I am just thankful I have hacked the files down into working dvd's and only have to redo one chapter, but would prefer to have chapters that work a little better on the burn if possible. Once done with this, I will know better next time!
  5. I appreciate your trying to assist me! I am just curious, though, how should I have created the slideshows so they would export? When I go into roxio to create a dvd, it always takes me to mydvd/add slideshow. Thanks!
  6. Today I copied several files and hacked them apart - reducing down to one menu and a few slideshows each. I have (sort of) identified the slideshow that appears to be causing the problem and deleted it. I have 3 separate ISO files with some chapters each, which is NOT ideal but better than trying to recreate this in another program in less than 48 hours. 2 of the discs will play, but the chapter buttons do not highlight. You can use the remote and go up and down (not knowing where you are) and play the different chapters. The 3rd disc works with no problem. Is there a way to get the buttons to work, such as, did I need to activate them somehow? Since I thought I knew the offending slideshow, I tried to just delete that one slideshow from the original project with all 11 chapters and burn and ISO. It got about 90% and only did 9 of 10 chapters (all of which are on the other 3 discs) and did not do the menus. Errored out with that 8004520c error. (Defragmenting won't fix this error.) So I guess there is still some menu level type of error. Is there any way to tell where the error is? Then, I will have to recreate the deleted chapter and reincorporate it into the project. I am wondering where this should be created since it was noted that using the add a slideshow option is not good. Again, any input is appreciated! thanks, Jeanne
  7. Oh no - they were created with the add slideshow task. Am I totally out of luck? Like I indicated previously, it seems like the problem is with the menu transition to the second menu. Could I perhaps edit that somehow to see if I could get it to work?
  8. Jim - Thanks for the input. We tried the folder suggestion (did not work) and then did the reinstall/repair which also did not work. The burn to ISO hangs up at the same spot, which is where the menu transition would be. I also sent request to Roxio support which wanted me to disable anti-virus and start-up things, which also did not work. Any other ideas? If not, thanks for trying! MyGuggi - the preview in Roxio is good and works! The pictures are mostly set for 3 seconds, and for the purposes of our video work for the audience (kids). I must have a lot less photos than I projected... thanks all for trying to help. Any other suggestions are welcome! Jeanne
  9. When I change it to HQ it says 3778.1 MB used, 921.9 MB Free and Time Remaining is 13:05 -- This is the same if its set to Fit to Disk which indicates its small enough that it will burn at HQ even if set for Fit to Disk When I change it to 8.5 Gig DVD it says 3778.1 MB used, 4761.9 MB Free and Time Remaining is 1:07:39 It does not appear (to me) that I need a larger capacity DVD. Based on this I don’t think the issue is the size of the project compared to the capacity of a DVD. It seems like it is the menu transition?
  10. Thanks Brendon! I actually have most display for only 3 seconds, some even less. I probably also have less than 1700 pics, just a very ballpark number late last night. Unfortunately I must work today so can't work on this problem until later tonight. I don't have a problem going to 2 discs if that is required, but not sure how to do that. Also, the reason I was going to HD was b/c on another reply (while I was trying to figure out what to do) I saw a recommendation to try doing that over "fit to disc" to get the burn to work. I really appreciate the link for the manual and will definitely check that out! I appreciate your input! Jeanne
  11. Thanks for replying! I have worked with other editing programs and photoshop, so can manipulate images -- it is the technical detail that hangs me up. I am attaching a copy of a screen print so you can see the slideshows created. They were all made from that MyDVD section, by adding a new slideshow. I did one movie, but it took longer so went back to slideshows. They were all merged together on this one section of the program. I only wanted 2 menus, but it would not let me, and made me create the third one. I can view this file by clicking preview while editing it, or the play arrow in the bottom right corner, and can interactively work with the menus that way. Part of my frustration is the lack of any real user manual so I could better teach myself the program. I don't think the on-line tutorials are overly instructive. There are about 160 pictures in each slideshow, so about 1,700 pictures total. I was using the "fit to disc" option, and only tried HD when I saw that on another posting in this forum to see if it would work. I would say that the length is about an hour altogether. I am not really sure what videowave is, other than at some points during production I had error messages to indicate that it stopped working and it would close the whole program without letting me save. I hope that answers all the questions, I can't see your reply in this response box! Thanks again!