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    Why Don't My Mp3's Work In Photoshow Anymore?

    First thank you Digital Guru for your help. I am not knowledgeable enough to understand everything in the article, but figure you are right. Can you tell me the best place to look for songs that I can use in PhotoShow? I have gotten songs from ITunes in the past and they have worked in PhotoShow. So many of the songs available in PhotoShow program are not the best and after making many personal PhotoShows for myself and family, New songs make each PhotoShow more special and personal. So hope you can help me and suggest places to get songs that will be compatible with PhotoShow. Thanks again!
  2. Always was able to use my own Mp3's in creating PhotoShows, but suddenly I always get the message that 'Can't use this type of MP3'. How can I correct this problem?
  3. I have been a Premium member of PhotoShow for over 10 years and have created and preserved family, vacation and friends memories with much success. These PhotoShow DVD's, including personalized labels, have been very welcomed gifts for special occasions. Since last fall, I have been working diligently on memories for all of 2012 and created about 35 PhotoShows. I have had problems making the DVD's of the last 3 shows. PhotoShow sends the message at completion of each burning that shows download was successful. But, when I place the DVD in the DVD player it cannot read it. I have also tried the same DVD in our other Player and it will not work there either. Also, I did try to play an older PhotoShow in both of those DVD players and they play just fine, so feel it is not a problem with the player itself. Late Saturday I had PhotShow open and was once again trying to think of what else I could do. I received a message with something about "crashed".....That was a first for me, as in the past my messages always said something about error 7F037304. I have read through comments here many times over the last 4 months and see some customers have problems with no audio or possible no video. But, no one seems to have my problem where the entire DVD will not play. I also read the suggestion that uninstalling the entire program and then reinstalling sometimes corrects problems. So today, with fingers crossed, I uninstalled PhotoShow 6 for the first time, hoping this would correct my problem. After reinstalling I also did all of the updates. I was so relieved to see all of my PhotoShows pop back up on my members page. Then I went throught the process of burning a DVD of Christmas 2012 from my members page. I stayed positive during that and after getting the same message that told me that the download was successful I put it in the DVD player by our TV. Unfortunately, once again DVD player could not "read" it and therefore I was unable to watch it on the TV. I am so saddened that my PhotoShow no longer functions. It has been a source of great enjoyment for me and also for our friends and family, as records of wonderful moments and memories. I love the simplicity of the program, as I certainly am not a computer wizard. Do you think that deleteing that PhotoShow from my members page, starting to make another fresh from beginning to end, might result in a successful play on my DVD player for TV viewing? If any one has suggestions that might help me I would be most grateful. I have spent so much time and I just don't have enough computer knowledge to do this on my own. If you have suggestions, please be as specific as possible, because even though I have worked with the computer for many years there is so much I still do not understand well. Thank you all for your help, it is MOST appreciated! My computer info is (and hope I included the correct info...): Intel ® Core ™ i7cpu 920 @ 2.67GHz 2.67GHz Ram 6.00GB 64-bit Operating system Using Windows 7 Home Edition?
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    Lost All Audio In Previously Made Photoshows...

    That was correct. This is the first time I have used the Community chat and I can't really see where I should reply, but I decided to try and play a midi and right after I did when I went back to the PhotoShow I could once again hear the audio. Don'y get it, but it is fixed and I so thank you for responding to my problem. I will be back if I have problems again. thanks again and have a wonderful day!!
  5. I have Windows 7 Home Edition 64 bits and have used PhotoShow since 2006. I have PhotoShow 6 and have numerous shows saved from the past years. I went to PhotoShow to view some of them and notices that all of the music in them seems to have just disappeared. My speakers are on and operating. I get the picture video, but there is no sound. Any ideas? I am so hoping there is a fix.....Thanks for any help you can give me.