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    Problem With Aspect Ratio

    I capture in AVI (720x480). Properties are OK (TV Standard is on NTSC-M or PAL-M since am from europe and in my country TV standard is PAL but NTSC also works for me) and just to mention, i try every settings. Problem is same when i set to DivX. Its not problem with Editing software. When i finish capture and start to see raw file in my player, my pictures is already croped incorrectly. PC display is not issue since he is irrelevant for this problem. Its like Roxio device pass signal to my LCD correctly but signal that goes to capture software is little bit distorted. I have small black bars up and down and as you can see on my video in 1st post, its incorrectly croped. I fix this 2 black bars in Sony Vegas but crop ofc i can't because Roxio does not even capture this part of the screen. Problem is smaller when i set Box to 720p but its still present.
  2. VladaNS

    How Do I Improve My Quality?

    I see what is your problem. You have a little bit of purple ghosting. Did you have same problem when you switch capture format to DivX od wma? This can be also a problem with cables. Also. as digital guru mention. scart know to have this issue. Try, if you can, another set of cables. You can also get rid of this ghosting purple lines in editing software. I doubt that Roxio editor have this option/filter but u can always try Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier. They both have filters to set problems you have. You can also try to use Virtual Dub for capture. You will have a slightly better quality of video but for price of bigger file.
  3. VladaNS

    Problem With Aspect Ratio

    I have a 22 inch Viewsonic VA2226W Monitor on resolution 1680x1050 (this is max for this monitro) I know that this is 16:10 and am recording in 16:9 but Roxio capture is set to capture 16:9. Resolution of monitor does not have any inpact of this. As i say, on my LCD 32'' picture is perfect and Roxio pass it perfectly from Xbox and PS3 but in capture... not.
  4. On my TV picture is OK but on my capture screen, picture is croped like this: [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQ67InQVeO8&list=UU2bddnCDY4yITI7JovwSOzQ&index=0&feature=plcp[/media] The lower edge of the screen. I update software, try to find any solution but without sucess. My XBox is set to 1080i. Same is with 720p. Any solution to this. Thank you. Vladimir.