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  1. Version 6.3. Whilst I was having problems installing Creator 2012 suite, I messed up my installation of DVDitPro, so I've reinstalled it from the original 6.3 CD. Its installed fine, but it won't activate, saying my product key is invalid. Help please!
  2. OK so I went back and re-cleaned the registry again. This time going through all the CLSID and installer entries manually. Its all working great now.
  3. OK so I misremembered, sorry again. I used the KB entry : 000207CR which gave details of how to manually uninstall Creator after running the official uninstaller. Unfortunately there is no way to system restore back to that point, I've done too many installs and uninstalls and it has written over that information. It sounds as though you guys are telling me that I've still got problems because there's remnants of 2009 on my system, so I'll go back and clean the registry again.
  4. OK so I did a search for the version 6.0.6002.18541 which the crash data window says is the version of CPSCommontools.dll but the only things I can find on my system with that version number are NTdll.dll schannel.dll secur32.dll and lsasrv.dll I've done the DXdiag that you asked for.
  5. I did uninstall roxio2009 first before installing Roxio 2012, I removed all the VC++ redistributables because before posting on here, I did a seach and found that other people had done that to resolve their issues. I cleared all the Roxio from the registry by essentially doing what SKNIS had posted in his instructions.
  6. Its never worked, before or after doing all the work outlined above.
  7. I noticed that the version numbers didn't match and posted it up for information. When RoxMediaDB13 crashes the crash information window lists the version of CPSCommontools.dll as 6.0.6002.18541 When the runtime crash occurs it lists the correct module version. msvcr90.dll version 9.0.30729.4148 I thought it might help people determine where my issue is.
  8. The dll file version cited in the error reporting window when it crashes lists that dll version. The actual dll version is 13.3 etc etc I've no idea whether its related or whether its the runtime errors causing it. My zip file is encoded with Winzip at max compression, because otherwise I couldn't get it below the 2.0MB file size limit.
  9. Hiya and thanks for your reply. I'll do a dxdiag txt file later when I get home, but its Windows Vista SP1 Ultimate edition, 64-bit OS. I've got a Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Elite Pro, and Ati Radeon HD 4870X2 Graphics card. Yes I did have an earlier version, Roxio 2009 Special Edition, but I've uninstalled that, and cleared all the registry and Program Data entries, apart from the Smartsound, because I've bought some music files that I wanted to keep. I also didn't uninstall the Blu-ray plugin.
  10. Hello I've just installed Roxio Creator 2012 pro. When I first boot the machine the Media Merger module crashes with a Runtime error, saying its been asked to terminate in an unusual way, and then the RoxMediaDB13 module also terminates citing CPSCommontools.dll as its fault. The interesting thing is it cites CPSCommontools.dll version as 6.0.6002.18541 rather than the actual version of the DLL in the common files directory which is I've tried running the program as well and when I load MyDVD it crashes with a Videowave13.exe runtime error and then in the DEP it lists BtMmhook.dll as its file. I've removed all versions of x86 v9.0 Visual C++ redustributable files, cleaned the WinSXS directory and manifests and removed them from the registry, allowing the Roxio installation program to install its own versions as necessary, but its not helped. I've also tried to clean all traces of Roxio from the registry but nothing has worked. Help please! roxiolog.zip