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    Not Enough Disc Space

    Guru...it says "Disc". Also, DVD is selected, but CD, Bluray all say that they are at max "not enough free space" Anyone of the movies that Im trying to burn are under 2 hours
  2. RhondaG

    Not Enough Disc Space

    Deleted the files, but every time I add a video file form iMovie into toast the bar fills up all the way and then tells me there is not enough free space to burn the disk. Any thoughts? Also is there an easy way to do a full uninstall/reinstall? I tried dragging toast application and files to trash then emptying the trash and reinstalling and it did nothing. Is there a certain way to uninstall the program?
  3. RhondaG

    Not Enough Disc Space

    I have ROXIO capture, I have ROXIO toast 11 titanium, I have successfully transfered 10 VSH to DVD without issue. My problem is the GB indicator bar has reached max. When I go to burn a new disc (which each transfer is a new disc) toast doesn't recognize it's a new disc. It thinks I have been recording on the same disc. Is there a way to clear the memory? I have reinstalled & still have the same files & prompt saying "not enough free space on this disc" HELP!!!!!