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    Video Capture Crashing - 2.0.1 (134)

    Since I switched to medium quality I have not had any problems. I was able to complete about 6 VHS tapes last week. So there is an issue with high quality with my setup. Not sure it is software or the hardware. Anyways medium quality is fine for VHS tapes so I am good to go.
  2. bill - chicago

    Video Capture Crashing - 2.0.1 (134)

    I have been using high, but was thinking about trying medium quality to see if I can tell any difference. I thought I read somewhere I had to use high if was going to do any editing in imove?
  3. bill - chicago

    Video Capture Crashing - 2.0.1 (134)

    I tired deleting the preference files last night that did not help. I also ran disk utility as well to no avail. I think the USB card is overheating. It worked fine this morning for about an hour. Then would not work for more than 5 to 10 minutes. It was very hot when I unplugged it. After it cooled down it was working fine again until it got hot. Does you card get warm after using it?
  4. I just installed this software and it crashes every time I try to copy a VHS tape. Some times it does 15 to 20 minutes other times in a few minutes. I am running OSX 10.7.4. Is there a resolution to this? I see other people have had this problem. Thanks in advance for your help. PS I also noticed that the disk space indicator does not match what actual disk space i have available now either.