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    Jpg File Does Not Show Up In Photosuite

    Brendon; I fear you are correct, however I was able to get the image to open properly in PhotoSuite at 2400dpi by removing all the backlight correction and unsharp mask settings from the EpsonScan sw. My fear is that if I use 600dpi for the 8.5X11 it will look good but will pixelate noticeably when expanded to 24X30. We'll see. Sam's club charges $10.87 for a 24X30 poster so I guess this is the cheapest way to find out if my suspicions are correct.
  2. WANLord

    Jpg File Does Not Show Up In Photosuite

    Brendon; Many thanks for the Help system reference. I guess this built-in limitation in the sw serves to preclude the possibility of running out of RAM or forcing page file swaps. Perhaps the sw engineers will address this issue in a later release of the sw as the OS and TWAIN are both capable of supporting much higher resolutions. The photo under consideration was an eventual candidate for my Epson photo printer which does 13"x19" and I also was considering it as a candidate for a 24"x30" poster print, so it was my intention to utilize the highest possible resolution throughout this shot's progression to posterhood. Sarcasm retracted with great contrition.
  3. WANLord

    Jpg File Does Not Show Up In Photosuite

    The intended purpose of this venture is to produce an 8.5X11 borderless print in as high a resolution as is possible. Using the Sultan of Snide's calculations 18588 pixels divided by a 4800dpi resolution should yield a width of 3.875 inches and 28276 divided by 4800 dpi should yield a height of 5.89083333333333 inches. So why does the sw fail to display the image again?
  4. I have a Quad-core processor at 2.2Ghz (with TurboBoost to 3Ghz) and 8GB of system ram. I also have a Level 4 32GB MicroSDHC card inserted into the onboard card reader and a 4GB MicroSDHC card on the USB bus configured for ReadyBoost system cache. I also have another 16GB MicroSDHC card on the USB Bus available. You would think that with all of this RAM-based storage space available it would be possible to configure VideoWave in such a fashion as to allow it to perform optimally. My drive space is generous, with twin 2.5 inch FF 750GB drives in the laptop as boot and data drives, numerous external hard drives on the USB bus, highlighted by a 3TB backup drive and an 11TB Raid5 array, both utilizing USB 3.0 and plugged into USB 3.0 ports on the laptop. Yet when I pull up a three to four hour movie (Extended cut Lord of The Rings Trilogy) for editing, the system goes Not Responding for ten to twenty minutes at a time, making editing and commercial extrication virtually impossible. I would like to know EXACTLY how to configure this software for optimal performance so that it can become useable. Because as it currently sits, it is about as useful as teats on a boar hog.
  5. I seem to be having a problem with getting a .jpg file to open up in PhotoSuite. I scanned a 4X6 photo with my Epson 845 AIO using the EpsonScan sw at 4800dpi and a jpg compression level of 1. This results in a jpg file of 18588X28276 pixels and 217MB in size. There is sufficient RAM in the system (8GB) to accomplish the file open and PhotoSuite does appear to open the file and shows one file open but the image displayed onscreen is nothing but whitespace, no image. I need to know how to correct this so I can work on the file.