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  1. Its defective ?? what about all the other windows 7 users who have had problems installing drivers for various other products?
  2. The first image is before RGC, mouse and my phone are connected the second image is after.
  3. I did not use the usb in the back of my computer as it is a laptop and has two on the left side and one on the right. What clear directions? when uninstalled with revo on moderate mode, i connect the card correctly using the nessasary component cables and the usb cable to connect it to my computer i totally disable norton antivirus i.e. Turn on silent mode, Disable Firewall and disable auto- protect. then i insert disc and use the only option given which is a button that says intsall. At this point the program should work, right? Or have i missed some vital step along the way?
  4. Why are you suggesting im lieing?? all i want to to get the product ive payed for working properly, thats not alot to ask, its hard for me to believe that im the only person who has ever experienced this problem, roxio related or not... Simply the drivers wont install surely there is a easy solution to this ???
  5. Should i have the usb plugged in as i install the software or not? at one point last night the no signal changed from red to green but the preview box was still blank.
  6. Ive tried all three and they work with other devices
  7. I have norton antivirus and have tried pausing it and turning it off
  8. not revo no, but have done now and still no improvement, is there any freeware that might help?
  9. thanks for the responce but i have already done all that twice today, any other suggestions?
  10. I can only assume there is a problem with the software provided with the card, could you direct me somewhere that will let me download the drivers please?
  11. Hello guys can i please get some help, im happy to have it run slow and how do i get the drivers installed?
  12. Sorry sould ask what is the OP, ive only had my computer for a week and dont understand jargon
  13. What are the OP drivers and how would i install them?
  14. Then i popped the disc in and installed it