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    Mac Update For Os X 10.6.8?

    Well, I tried you suggestion and didn't get results I guess I need to upgrade to Toast 11 and everything should work? I have successfully captured video, I just need to transfer it to our DVDs. Thanks!
  2. Emoran

    Mac Update For Os X 10.6.8?

    Hi, thank you so much for your help! I successfully captured video with the updates you suggested, but I tried to create a DVD using Toast 9 Basic,but it doesn't seem to work. Please see the attached screen shot. It has said "preparing" for the last 2 hours. I have entered my product key for the update, etc. Please advise. Thank you!
  3. Emoran

    Mac Update For Os X 10.6.8?

    Ok. Thanks so much. I'll try that!
  4. Emoran

    Mac Update For Os X 10.6.8?

    Well, the disc is right out of the package, so it isn't at all dirty and I can't imagine why it would be defective. I bought the product a couple of years ago, but I'm just now getting around to using it. I wasn't anticipating these problems. :/
  5. Emoran

    Mac Update For Os X 10.6.8?

    Thank you! I downloaded the video capture application from the roxio website. My problem is this....when I put in my installation disc, the computer spits it right back out. I guess the disc cannot be read because it is for OS X 10.4 or 10.5? I was hoping once I downloaded the capture update, the installation would work but I am having no luck. I appreciate any advice that you have.
  6. I bought the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD, but is says in the "getting started guide" that it is only compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5. Is there are update for 10.6 like there are updates for windows versions? I can't find one anywhere and I don't want to buy the product AGAIN for $79.99. Any solution?