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  1. Hope someone has the answer to this error code. Project was 98 percent complete when it stop playing the project. All play, stop buttons are faded out and not responding. Checked internet for dx9 update but received reply that my was up to date. Did a repair run without any change. I use EMC 9 regularly for wedding DVDs and really need help to get this one going. Thanks, ted in carolina

  2. If you haven't done what ivanatrox suggested and you are still experiencing the buffer overrun eror message, there is now a patch online.


    Let us know how it goes.

    Thanks to your advise, *I downloaded the patch and the problem is gone.. i really appreciated you help. Ted


    if you contact support on the phone for buffer overrun error, it could be resolved over the phone fairly quickly...


    Thanks , I did that and also got the message about the patch. Really apperciate your help. Ted


    There are a whole bunch of posts related to buffer overrun errors, and some posts pinned to the top of boards with solutions/workarounds. Most are related to having IE 7 or Vista installed. Do you have either one on your system?


    larry, downloaded the patch and problem was fixed. thanks for your advise. ted