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  1. have used all prior version of roxio creator with good sucess. have installed creator 9 over 5 times with same result. message says buffer overrun detected ...will shut down. I removed all prior versions of creator with no luck. Did registry clean up with no help. Any one else havin this problem. any idea out there rthat could help me. Ted in Carolina.
  2. Hope someone has the answer to this error code. Project was 98 percent complete when it stop playing the project. All play, stop buttons are faded out and not responding. Checked internet for dx9 update but received reply that my was up to date. Did a repair run without any change. I use EMC 9 regularly for wedding DVDs and really need help to get this one going. Thanks, ted in carolina
  3. tdexterssr

    Roxio creator 9 buffer over run

    Thanks to your advise, *I downloaded the patch and the problem is gone.. i really appreciated you help. Ted Thanks , I did that and also got the message about the patch. Really apperciate your help. Ted larry, downloaded the patch and problem was fixed. thanks for your advise. ted
  4. I do that by saving the content folder to a seperate drive and then use them as needed with working . Have not had any problems doing that. ted
  5. tdexterssr

    Sonic dvdit pro v6

    Looking for a mor powerful software to create dvds that are a mix of pictures and video. I thought roxio and sonic had joined forces but am looking for someone that has had experience with DVD'IT PRO v6. Is it realy much better that creater8 0r 9.? Appreciate you input. Thanks Ted in carolina
  6. tdexterssr

    copy protection

    Have some dvds of special events that i would like to protect against copy. Anyone know of a software that is easy to use, not too expensive, and readily available?