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    Chapter Thumbnails Disappear

    I looked at the post in your reply. I created my project in MyDVD and have not used VideoWave. Can't I do my entire project in MyDVD? I have a wedding video I shot and created a slideshow from it as well. The slide show is the first title and the video is the second. I went through the video and manually selected chapters? I don't understand why some of the chapters I marked have a thumbnail and some don't...it's hit and miss. Not sure if I worded my original question clearly enough so maybe this explains my problem better? I simply want to see that each chapter button displays a thumbnail so viewers can tell where they are going besides just the chapter number. Thanks very much for your help!
  2. When I create chapters or let them be created automatically they look fine as a thumbnail is created. When I go to preview the project some of the thumbs disappear. When I go to edit chapters I reselect thumbs and I can view them in the edit mode. When I say ok and then go to preview the project again some of the thumbs are missing but not always the same ones. No matter what I try I can't get all of the created chapters to have buttons with thumbs...what's the secret?