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  1. Hi Can anyone help. I updated from 2009 to 2012Pro on my Dell xp and all works fine but slow. So I loaded 2012Pro onto my acer vista. The problem is that on the vista when I try to capture from the sd card or the video camera direct it shows in the Roxio media Import as a disk with a padlock instead of the normal list of images. The cards are not locked. Any ideas please.
  2. Roxio 2012 problem on video capture

  3. I have used Roxio 2009 with a Panasonic HDC SD60. Capture no problem, but after an import some tracks have NO sound. There is sound on these tracks on the camera. There is sound on these tracks after capturing them. On a capture of approx 200 about 4 will have no sound after being imported. (indiscriminately ie. no particular order etc). If I upgrade to the 2012 will this still be a problem? Anyone out there using 2012 with this video camera?