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    Roxio Game Capture 'capture' Not Loading

    Well, I Followed The Steps Everyone Said... Kind of Obvious...1st.) REVO Uninstalled it. 2nd.) Did a full scan with windows defender (in control panel) 3rd.) Downloaded Roxio with msconfig and disabled all. 4th.) Repaired Roxio.
  2. iSniper Drew

    Roxio Game Capture 'capture' Not Loading

  3. iSniper Drew

    Roxio Game Capture 'capture' Not Loading

    I Have Now Tried Other Methods And Now I'm Just Having The Problem Of The First Picture. (Red No Signal) Device Manager -
  4. iSniper Drew

    Roxio Game Capture 'capture' Not Loading

    So it ran before? I don't think you mentioned that earlier. - I Did... No anti-virus? - Correct. Were you connected to the Internet? - Yes. How do you know you haven't been infected. - I didnt download anything except roxio software since it had ran out. And I used the anti-virus thing that is already on my laptop for free. (What You Said Next, Windows Security Essentials) Don't waste $$ paying for a anti-virus. Windows Security Essentials is free and workedks as good as anything else. Now think back. other than MS updates did you add any new programs or updated existing programs? - No Sir' When you used Revo in the Moderate Mode, did you allow it to remove the registry entries and folders? You should have in order to get everything off your computer for a clean install. - Yes I Did. What you posted was NOT the dxdiag that I asked for. That gives driver information wich is very helpful. - Sorry. I'll Do The Drivers And Attach It To This Reply. Please, I know you are frustrated but unless you slow down and answer the questions and provide the information then things will never be answered to your satisfaction. - Sorry Is This The Right DxDiag.txt File? I Went To The "Display" Tab And The Drivers Section Was In The Top Right Hand Corner, So This Should Be It... DxDiag.txt
  5. iSniper Drew

    Roxio Game Capture 'capture' Not Loading

    I Already Know My Computer Meets The Minimum Spec... I've Ran It Before. And I Currently Don't Have An Anti-Virus It Just Ran Out And My Dad Is Working On Getting Me New Anti-Virus.
  6. iSniper Drew

    Roxio Game Capture 'capture' Not Loading

    Im Still Having The Same Problem As My First Post Though
  7. iSniper Drew

    Roxio Game Capture 'capture' Not Loading

    I Just Did The Revo Uninstaller Thing, Then Re-Isntalled, And Now The Program Wont Open. PLEASE HELP!
  8. THIS IS SOLVED Hello. Whenever I Open LaunchPad It Works Fine. Then, I Press The Blue 'Capture' Button. After That It Just Stays Like This (When The USB Isn't Plugged In) : (When The USB Is Plugged In) : I've tried the new update, I've tried not using the new update, I've tried re-plugging in all of the cables, I've tried using a different USB port. I've Used Roxio And It's Worked Before, But It Just Randomly Started To Do This. PLEASE HELP!