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  1. Hi, i have lost my installation CD for "Easy VHS to DVD for Mac". Is there anyway i can download a digital setup? I do have my serial number if that helps. Thanks
  2. Soner

    "video Capturing Failed"

    After fiddling about with the mac and Roxio vhs to dvd software i have come to a conclusion that the mac doesnt allow multiple 10-30gb single files on the machine and that the mac is causing the Roxio software to cause an error, to be honest there is no point recording your vhs with high quality, the files are too big and there seems to be no diffrence in quality between high and medium, i have done almost all my vhs (63 to be precise) and i have not encounted an error. Me being such a paranoid geek, im backing up the vidoes onto an external drive, a cd and to the cloud (bitcasa, check it out). All i can say is thanks Roxio for this brilliant little device and its simple to use software!
  3. Soner

    "video Capturing Failed"

    Hi, i bought Roxio VHS to DVD Mac just two weeks ago and i captured almost 10 videos by now, but i have just started to get this error "OSStatus error -49 Try to change the destination folder in the preference window." I have changed the destination folder and reinstalled the software but there is no luck, my macs settings always has been Computer Sleep - Never Display Sleep - Never Put the haddisk to sleep when possible - unticked any help will be appreciated. Thanks Mac OSX Ver 10.7.4 2ghz i7 Mem 12GB Roxio VHS to DVD Mac ver 2.0.1 (134)