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  1. Thank you for the answer. You are right, this seems to be affecting Windows users. I opened the disc index.plist file on the disc which is an XML file that lists all the files and the discs involved in the backup job. I can confirm that while almost all slash characters are replaced with underscore, volume names for the restore were left untouched. This seems to be a small bug in Toast (but again, I still don't know which version) where it doesn't replace all the slashes in the config file before writing. If I am desperate enough I could probably create those DVDs with the new config file, but at this moment I will just wait for the photographer to resend me those 3 files. This is the part from index.plist file, in case this is a new version of Toast, and developers are interested in bug reports: <key>Media Type</key> <string>DVD-R</string> <key>PC Labels</key> <array> <string>Disc 5_20_12 - Part 1 of 4</string> <string>Disc 5_20_12 - Part 2 of 4</string> <string>Disc 5_20_12 - Part 3 of 4</string> <string>Disc 5_20_12 - Part 4 of 4</string> </array> <key>PC Volumes</key> <array> <string>Disc 5/20/1#1</string> <string>Disc 5/20/1#2</string> <string>Disc 5/20/1#3</string> <string>Disc 5/20/1#4</string> </array> Notice PC Labels are corrected but not PC Volumes. They have separate entries for Macs so this disc would probably work for Macs.
  2. Hi, I just received 4 DVDs from our wedding photographer for our photos. It came with a "Roxio Restore" software in it. I believe these are backups created with Toast (I followed the link provided in the restore software, but it does not specify which version of Toast was used). When I run the Roxio Restore it keeps asking me to insert disc #1 even though that's the disc in the drive. I noticed when Roxio Restore asks for the disc by name, it has "/" in it (e.g. "Disc 5/20/12#1") while the real disc name seems to have underscore (Disc 5_20_12#1). Could this be the issue? Is there any way to restore these discs? I know I can copy the individual files manually, but some photos are split into multiple discs, so that would be the last option. I use Windows 7 x64, and I tried two different DVD drives. Thank you in advance. Deniz