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    Videowave Lag

    i am sorry what do you mean by software rendering
  2. cptlactose

    Videowave Lag

    i dont know if you can see it but i have ASUS Notebook k405IJ/K50IJ series pentium Dual-core 2.20 GHz ram 3.00 GB 64 bit operating system
  3. cptlactose

    Videowave Lag

    i have been experiencing a lag while editing video in videowave i have bought roxio creator a little less than a month ago and this is my problem when i try to use videowave it works fine but, the audio plays at normal speed and my picture jumps frame and doesn't keep up with the audio. i meet all the system requirements and it has a lag in it. i cant see where i am at with this and it is impossible to edit cleanly. i did render a video and it came out at normal speed but it still is impossible to edit the video i want with the picture jumping frames i usually add the video in a mp4, m2ts or mts if anyone can help that would be great