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    Need Basic How-To For Dummies

    I see that now. (Didn't notice the edit initially.) Looks like it wil be simple enough to follow. Thank you!
  2. MightyNan

    Need Basic How-To For Dummies

    I would estimate the video clips total no more than 45 minutes. Some are very short (less than a minute). A tutorial would be great! Thank you!
  3. MightyNan

    Need Basic How-To For Dummies

    It is Roxio Creator 2011 Pro. I really appreciate any help I can get!
  4. MightyNan

    Need Basic How-To For Dummies

    Digital Guru, I looked at all of the links in that post, but I'm just not seeing one that shows how to do what seems would be a simple task. Is the answer there hiding in plain sight?
  5. I am trying to help a friend make a video DVD of about 35 short MPEG clips. (He purchased Creator 2011 Pro.) As I tried to load the clips, I found I had to load them one-by-one. That didn't seem right, but no matter how many I selected, only one loaded. After every 3 files it would pop-up saying the menu was full, and did I want to create a sub-menu. We ended up with quite a few sub-menus by the end. After the last file was loaded, the program was not responding. Had no choice but to close it, and everything we had loaded was gone. I'm not finding the user guide to be very user friendly. Is there a step-by-step guide for this project somewhere? We don't want anything fancy--just one DVD with all of the small clips playing uninterrupted. Thanks for any help! Nan