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  1. Teacle

    Roxio Gamecap Problem

    It's a good picture. Full color, graphics are fine. I checked the Device Manager and I do see the 2 Roxio GAMECAPs. I'm just gonna stick with the idea that it's the wires I'm using and get RGB wires. It can't really hurt me to get them anyway. I'll see how it's running after that. EDIT: Everything on the Diagram is correct except for the placement of the output wires. They're backward, but all the letters on the actual box in the diagram are the same as the actual product.
  2. Teacle

    Roxio Gamecap Problem

    I'm using the cables, Red, yellow, white. No HD. I am getting picture on my television, completely fine. I'll see if that tutorial helps me at all and edit this post with results afterward. Thanks in advance. EDIT: I think you misunderstood. It's not Roxio - TV I'm having trouble with, I have the HD hooked up. It's XBOX - Roxio that I think is giving me issues. I'm using Red Yellow White XBOX cables. Is that a problem, or can it still be done? PS, if you say it can be fixed by buying HD cables, you only THINK you're funny.
  3. Teacle

    Roxio Gamecap Problem

    Wait, is it absolutely necessary to have HD cables? If so, then that's definitely what my problem is, and I don't see why I didn't just get a cheaper, non-component cable needing capture card.
  4. Teacle

    Roxio Gamecap Problem

    Yes, but everything is plugged in correctly. Why would it have no signal if everything is properly done? It still shows signal on my television, and the audio transfers to the PC fine.
  5. Teacle

    Roxio Gamecap Problem

    So, I have no clue what this means, so I thought I'd come to the place where knowledge of this sort of thing lives. My friends gave me potential answers, but want backup on them if they happen to be right. Whenever I start up my Roxio software, on any of my 2 computers, Audio is fine. A-OK. But when it comes to the video, this happens : http://s1258.photobucket.com/albums/ii523/TeacleMC/?action=view&current=RoxioError.png (Image insertion refused to work, it is a safe link.) For the record, this is Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64, but it wouldn't work for any of my systems. Whether it be the 64, Wii, XBOX360, Playstation, or the Gamecube. None of them worked, it just kept showing up like this on both computers, one laptop (Windows 7), one desktop (Windows Vista). If anyone has any ideas as to why this might be happening, please, let me know. I'm willing to try anything at this point. I did NOT pay that much for a device that doesn't work. I've also set the picture proof as an attachment.