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  1. the roxio gamecap also uses VideoWave as its video editor and that is what i have i did not realize that the post was under the EMC 10 topics
  2. Im sorry i misread what u wrote before you were correct i dont have the EMC 10, i accually have the other one in the link you gave me " http://www.roxio.com...e/overview.html " which has worked for me many times before, but i now all the sudden get that error message, do you happen to know anything that could be causing this?
  3. yes it is the roxio EMC 10 or GameCap, and i am running Windows 7
  4. i stopped recording gameplay for a while, came back to try to record some new gameplay which i can record still but when i got to edit the video i click the edit and share button and nothing happens, i double click the button and up pops a message saying "the task you are attempting to initiate requires VideoWave, but it is already running in another users account on this machine" i do not have any other users on this computer. I tried the Ctrl alt Delete method and when to processes and click show all users processes and cant seem to find videowave running anywhere. saw that someone else posted the same problem a while ago just wondering if theres any other solutions?
  5. Ok so i am having the same issue to where it states that its running in another users account but i also do not have any other users on my computer, tried finding it in the processes and clicking the show processes from all users but could not find any videowave program or gamecap, or roxio, any other ideas on what the problem could be, i can still record no problem, but when i click the edit and share button once nothing happens then i double click it and the error message pops up