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  1. I just captured the VHS video for an 80's rock concert, and I'd like to create a menu of songs, and add breaks in the video to choose the exact song that you would like to view, but i don't see how you can insert markers into a video, and how to make a menu that corresponds to those breaks. Can someone please explain to me how to do this? Thanks?
  2. Whenever I try to create a music disc project in Creator 2012, and I am playing an mp3 within the music list to see if I like the cross fade, I constantly get "Music Disc Creator Has Stopped Working" and it crashes! I've never run into this issue before in all the years that I have been using Roxio products. For instance, if I set a 10 second crossfade between two songs, and I play the first song, and then click the mouse on the play bar where there about 20-30 seconds left in the song so I can see how the crossfade sounds, the app crashes. This is a brand new machine running Windows 7 64-bit. Has anyone else run into this issue?