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  1. Seems I'll have to part with the cash. ....found a 15% discount voucher online...doesn't amount to much but felt like I got a little bit back....!
  2. That's a bit annoying to say the least....and doesn't seem fair. I was about to buy the download, then remembered I'd got a voucher left over from ages back on Amazon, saw they had the software, so bought the boxed version. I've just spent the last two hours sorting out msxml4 as well.... If you're interested...I found that I didn't even have msxml4...kept going around the houses on the MS website and getting SP2, finally got hold off SP3, now it seems for nothing! I'll get on the wesbite and make my feelings known. Thanks everyone. I see there's a UK number to call, so I'll give them a call tomorrow and have a moan... Otherwise it's £15 - not the end of the world I suppose but a lot of time wasted. Don't see why it has to be different in different regions.
  3. Hi Guys Firstly thanks for all the input and PM's. I certainly do not intend to cause offence to anyone, sorry if I have. These **** stupid problems irritate the hell out of me though! I will do the update this evening - would have sooner but summer has finally arrived in the UK today and I didn't want to miss it - could be gone again soon! Jim - yes, do have tab in the box and although not exactly the same it does show the High End Video piece. Few other screen shots for your pleasure as well.
  4. You're missing my point. The standard version of Creator 2012 has some Blu-Ray functionallity. The box doesn't list the extra BD features in the 'Pro Features' section as it does on the website. See image below - I would have expected something similar. As for identifiying files, I'm not talking specific files, but I'm sure the extra folders the BD plug-in installs would be easily idenitifable, against a standard version with out the BD extras. I do apprecaite the assistance - as I assume you guys know the software fully, but I'd also like to point out that I'm not a novice PC user, I have two Microsoft MCP qualifications and do undertand the way things work!
  5. OK - I can do that - but I'm curious to know if it's important why has Windows Update not done it automatically - I don't put any restrictions on WU. I can also understand the OP view that it appears like the BD plug-in is not installed, as the BD option is there but unavailable in My DVD. I'd also be interested to know if the program files and folders that relate to these functions can be identified?? I bought a DVD version of Creator 2012 off Amazon UK...don't suppose there are any 'early' versions that do not include the BD plug-in...? Reason I ask is that there is no mention of the Blu-Ray plug-in functions in the 'Pro Features' area on the packaging, as you can see....
  6. Have just done uninstall, clean-up and re-install as per instructions and sorry to report problem still exists, no different.
  7. I'll try the suggested fix this weekend and will post results for the benefit of others who may get the same problem.
  8. I was merely enquiring if it had worked for Jeff.
  9. The iso file is not relavant or important, the point is that the Roxio software is recognising the BD drive for that particular function - so why won't it when I use My DVD to create a BD disc? I can't even create a BD iso. I'm begnning to regret buying the sw, I only get about 50% succes rate when burning HD files (from AVCHD) to DVD, that's partly why I bought the BD burner so I could use BD rather than DVD.
  10. Bit more infor - previously I had burnt some backup Blu-ray iso images of movies, using other software. If I use Roxio to burn a BD image, it sees the drive perfectly OK. I haven't actually burnt one - don't want to waste an expensive BD disc, but looks like it would do it.
  11. For referance, I had Creator 2010 installed before - uninstalled it before installing 2012.
  12. I have EXACTLY the same problem. The Blu-ray option in the create disk startup was always slightly faded, unavailable to click. I thought it was becasue I only had a BD Reader. Now I have installed a BD burner and I still cannot write to a BD disc, just as described by JeffTR. BD drive is correclty identified in Windows (7). Has a solution been found? Is the plug-in installed or not. Mine was a DVD version purchased online - perhaps I should ahve got the download? My details in the picture. Edit to remove posted CD Key!
  13. I'm getting this same message when trying to burn an AVCHD DVD, whether I burn to disc or create an image. But I have done it successfully too - First test burn I did was a short 3 minute piece of half a dozen .mts files used to make an mp4 file. This worked fine burning and doing an image. So then I did a piece about 20 minutes in length, with .mts clips to make same mp4, with some transistions and text overlays. This fails every time, burn or image. Any tips?