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    Playing Slideshow CD

    Thank you for spliting my question out. I used Roxio Creator 2010, under photo, I used Create PhotoShow. I burned it to a CD and a DVD. ( I had to make 140 copies for a graduating class of our local high school. ) Neither one will play on any computer. Thanks again, JR
  2. JR Gaz

    Playing Slideshow CD

    I created a slide show with 161 pics, all pics were from CDs from WalMart, added 4 of my own music songs (mp3 format) saved it and burned it to a CD. The CD will play through my DVD player but not on my computer. (Windows7) or my laptop w/Vista! I downloaded VLC media player and that allows the CD to play. Windows Media Player will not recognize the disk or any information on it!! Please advise!! Thanks