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  1. I downloaded memtest as an ISO file, it is 862kb, so should have no trouble fitting on to a Verbatim 52x 700mb CD-R. The burn process got to 98% and then stayed at 98% for over 45 minutes, in the end I hit Cancel but now the program is stuck at the screen that says: To burn the Disc I went to my downloads folder, unzipped the file, right clicked on the unzipped folder and selected the option to burn the ISO using Roxio, inserted my blank CD, waited for the program to acknowledge the disk and then hit go. What could I have done wrong? Why hasn't this burned or at least reported an error?
  2. TheKeyboardDemon

    Cant Capture U Tube Video

    OK. Sorry to double post, but I thought that this information was worth bumping the thread. After work I had another go, opened Roxio, opened the web convertor, then opened YouTube and picked some random video which I played through, I played through two more videos and then on the third I changed the video resolution to 240, when I did a thumbnail appeard in the Copy & Convert dialog box, so I did this for four other videos and then converted them to divx, but they wouldn't play once rendered, at least not propery, the first video showed as the full 2 minute and 12 seconds on the media player but took a still from half way through the video and held it there for about a minute before playing a bit of the clip and then added a bit of the next clip to it, the second video also started as a still for some time and then played but not all the way to the end, the third was a higher resolution version of the second but apart from that it played in the same way. The fourth had a mixture of content from some of the clips I recorded and also started with a still and the fifth video wasn't right either. I'm not sure if that indicates any form of progress or just further proves that the software simply doesn't work, but any ideas on this would be most welcome.
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    Cant Capture U Tube Video

    Remind me, what is it you said in line 2 of post seven, I read it as: But fail to see how that fixes the Roxio issue, and buying the software suggested will cost me something close to 30 Euros, I didn't buy software to have to buy something else to the job that the package I bought can't do. As for EULA, I haven't read the EULA, but most usually state that you can't have the software running on more than one machine at any one time, so I have always taken that to mean it is ok to install on more than one PC (desktop and laptop) but not to using the software on each machine. It would be my laptop that I want it on and not my desktop, as it is my laptop where I might want to watch video offline, my desktop is permanently connected, so I can remove it from desktop. When I select Copy & Convert I get the 'Launch you browser to start viewing and downloading web video', dialog box, then I open the browser, I view the video all the way through and right the way through till the end of the video the dialog box remains unchanged, I play a different video and still nothing happens, I have tried playing multiple videos and not seen any changes in the dialog box. I get the error message on my desktop PC, both with and without my AV program running, my laptop has a different AV program to my desktop, I disabled my AV for installation, and it remained disabled until I restarted the the computers. I use my main PC for gaming mostly so I use Advanced System Care 5 Pro to keep it clean, I also defrag my registry before and after installing new software so I can be sure that nothing gets in the way of my gaming. I run Advanced System Care 5 (free version) on my laptop which also cleans that for me, but not as thoroughly as the Pro version. I have the Retail box version.
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    Cant Capture U Tube Video

    I'm having the same issue. I have followed all of the suggestions in this thread, I've installed the software on two different computers, I've cleaned the registry on each PC, de-cluttered the hard drive, removed temp files, cleared caches, defragged the drives and optimized windows using Advanced System Care 5. Then I tried using the conversion tool on IE, FF, Chrome and Safari but not had any success, on either PC, though on one of the PCs I get an error message: My specs for the Main PC are AMD Phenom II x4 965BE @ 3.9ghz, HD6990 GPU, 8gb ram (2x4gb @200mhz), 1tb Seagate HDD + 128gb SSD cache drive (OCZ Synapse). Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit) Service Pack 1 My Laptop specs are i5 M480 @ stock, 4gb ram, Intel HD Graphics, Seagate 320gb HDD. Windows 7 Service pack 1 This post makes it look as if the only fix for the issue with this software is to use something else.