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    Burn Bluray

    I am replying to my original post, in case you encounter this yourself: My computer consultant (my son) used "cat" command to concatenate the two files into one 3.5 gb file, and that solved the problem. Taxman
  2. Taxman

    Burn Bluray

    I am trying to burn a BluRay disc and have perhaps 40 video clips with .mts extension and I am able to drag all except one of those files into the proper area. I get the message that that particular file number with an .mts extension is not supported, yet I can play it in the Video Player, and also on several other video players. Of course, it is the most important clip of all. This is the second part of a 28 minute clip, since my camera ended the first part after 2 gb had been used, and this second part is about 1 gb. Any suggestions?