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  1. Thanks for all the awesome feedback im getting on the video guys! Its really nice know know im helping all of you!
  2. Thanks for all the awesome feedback im getting on the video guys! Its really nice know know im helping all of you!
  3. I'm not quite sure how this violates any roxio terms (i haven't read in great detail in to them) But i will happily remove this thread if you wish as i do not want to be breaking any rules or anything.. Please get back to me. Thank you
  4. Hey sorry for the late reply.. i don't check this as much.. i have tried it.. but i didnt like faffing with linking the audio and video timings up.. whereas this does it all in 1 so it is less hassle
  5. try livestreaming it like this... this should help http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/83608-how-to-live-stream-xbox-and-ps3-with-the-roxio-game-capture/
  6. Thanks for all the feedback! However please direct questions to the youtube page as it will be seen quicker!
  7. Hey.. sorry it took so long to reply i don't check this as often as the actual youtube page... umm from my experience.. the 3 sec delay is down to the computer.. as i get delay on my 'ok' laptop... but on my very expensive gaming computer... lag is non existant
  8. I know the 'tomorrow' has gone haha.. but providing you did buy the roxio.. may i direct your attention to 2 of my threads i have up on this forum . both tutorials, both work and do what you've asked How to record live commentary - http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/82346-how-to-record-live-commentaries-with-the-roxio-video/ How to livestream to twitch - http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/83608-how-to-live-stream-xbox-and-ps3-with-the-roxio-game-capture/ Your very welcome good sir (ps.. if you need any help.. comment it on the actual vids as thats where i check up)
  9. Gibbo045

    Add Live Commentary Feature

    Follow my tutorial All will become clear - http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/82346-how-to-record-live-commentaries-with-the-roxio-video/ You'll have live commentaries in no time
  10. If a mod see's this is there any way i can get this stuck to the top of the page as it really seems to be helping people (judging from my feedback)
  11. If any mods happen to come along this.. would it be possible to get this stuck at the top? as it really seems to be helping people. Thanks
  12. I don't really wanna bump my own thread but there's no other guide on this on the top page.... enjoy.