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  1. it was working fine but i restored my system to an earlier time and now its unusable now. i tried uninstalling and re installing it but it still gives me and the same problem. i also tried repairing and nothing. how do i fix this? thanks in advance
  2. no... you didn't give me any direct answer in the other topic. if your not going to answer please don't bother visiting my topic
  3. here are my specs Hp Compaq NC6400 Intergrated/On board Graphics 2GB RAM Windows 7 professional 2.20GHz Intel core duo processor
  4. i dont know why its typing small text im on a computer
  5. sorry im not on my phone so i don't know why it typed small text. Hp NC6400 business notebook Intergrated/On Board graphics Windows 7 professional 2GB RAM 2.20Ghz Intel core duo
  6. sorry i didnt finish the topic. i want to record in divx format without any speed up problems. are the specs up to standards with it?
  7. Intel Core Duo 2GB RAM 2.20ghz windows 7 i want to record