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  1. I've come to the sad but apparently true conclusion that Toast 11 cannot properly create BluRay disks with menu that will generally play on set top players. Pioneer Elite BDP-05 (1.73 Firmware, the latest), Denon play at Mom's place; just give me a black menu screen with a red dot where the menu items are supposed to be - no back ground, no text. If I remember the menu structure, I can sort of navigate and press play. On a fully updated PS 3, the menus show up and seems to work. But if you have many chapters (which clever generated names like 1, 2, 3 ... and you can't change them in Toast!), navigation is a bear: to get from page 2 of chapters to page 3, you have to got through all of them to get to the forward button. Since you have no control over button navigation, that's not nice. On the Pioneer 05, my first disk actually crashed the player: it froze up, after playing the last chapter of the video (used chapter advance to get to chapter 25). Required power cycle of the pioneer. No commercial BRD has ever done that! My conclusion is that Toast is now actually its namesake: toast. I've been a toast user since back in the old Nubus days with ProTools to burn CDs. I think my options now are DVD Studio Pro for DVDs on Mac, and to use Bootcamp or Parallels to run Windows 7 and DVD Architect Studio from Sony for BR authoring and burning. (wish I had either a rotten tomato or rotten apple icon to display here)