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    Deleting Photo's From Slide Show

    I followed the directions, that were provided
  2. edjan

    Deleting Photo's From Slide Show

    Ok I figured it out, made the slide show I wanted. Thanks for all that helped me. Ed I sent the slide show showing the birth of my 1955 chevy Belair , to a 2012 Belair. tool 2 1/2 yrs
  3. edjan

    Deleting Photo's From Slide Show

    Still looking where the slide show went to.
  4. edjan

    Deleting Photo's From Slide Show

    I have 2012 Legal VER 13.5; on Wind 7 Pro, 64 Bit, I noticed you are using the Roxio Pro. I ahve the globe for slide show. Ops now I can;t find where my slide show went and my Printer went Kaput.
  5. When I go to view my Slide show, I noticed I had some Photo's that were not suppose to be there. I went to Help, to find how to delete them, Stated to click on My Photo Show, which takes me to my Slide show. Hold mouse over Photo show, where at the side or over ? Click edit, clcik music and Photo Tab, which I can not see. the it states to Click Red X lower right hand corner. I wish you could just highlight it and delete. Anyway, how do you do it.