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  1. when I connect all my roxio capture game is black and white on TV but when I record on the computer is color I made a drawing of how everything is connected now: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/337/croquisy.png In xbox color is everything, but PS3 sees everything in black and white, my tv is http://images03.olx.es/ui/11/38/46/1306228069_206893246_1-Fotos-de--TV-LED-Blusens-22.jpg My TV has been purchased in Spain and my console also
  2. Here is the video, I put the steps -Connect the cable Xbox 360 Component HD AV Cable in the xbox -Connect the cable xbox 360 Component HD AV Cable in the Game Capture ( Component Video IN) -Connect the cable xbox 360 Component HD AV Cable in the Game Capture (Audio IN) (Red and White) -Connect the yellow cable behind the TV ( http://cdn.steelseries.com/userguides/Support/TV%20Audio%20&%20RCA%20Jacks.jpg ) -Connect the Audio Cable (red and white) http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/217/cables.png/'>http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/217/cables.png/ in the Game Capture (Audio OUT) -Connect the Audio Cable (red and white) http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/217/cables.png/ behind the TV , Beside the yellow VIDEO : http://youtu.be/2juJuaFQ9uI
  3. I'll make a video connecting everything and so you see my problem better Sorry T__T
  4. What about the yellow why not?
  5. No, I use these cables and connect to these connectors http://taiwanconnect...CA 3m 2 pic.jpg http://cdn.steelseries.com/userguides/Support/TV%20Audio%20&%20RCA%20Jacks.jpg
  6. Hello, I just buy the Game Capture and I live in Spain, I have a XBOX360 purchased in America and my TV is from Spain, does not have RGB connectors, Spain televisions do not have RGB connectors, we RCA in Spain, my TV is this image http://images03.olx.es/ui/11/38/46/1306228069_206893246_1-Fotos-de--TV-LED-Blusens-22.jpg I connect everything, but I can not connect RGB cables, that can not be. I did what I put into this video The console looks perfect, but it looks very bad when in the PC, the image is distorted and black and white. TV Standard What I have to put to live in Spain and have an American console? sorry for my bad English, I'm learning