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  1. I'm trying to get this done in Toast 11 Pro : I have a GPS-navigation system in my car, that works on CDroms. But since it's a DVD-drive that the navigation-CDroms have to go in, I thought I might be able to burn a DVDrom with 7 separate partitions each containing the contents of one navigation-CDrom (so I don't have to switch CDroms whenever I go on an international trip). How can I do this in Toast 11 ? I have not found a way to make the partitions from within Toast 11, so I've used Disk Utility to make an image-file that has the 7 partitions on it. But when I try to burn that image to a DVDrom, it doesn't burn them as separate partitions that will show up as multiple CDroms in the Finder. Both image-burning and disk-copy don't seem to work for this... Anyone any suggestions ? Thanks !