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    Dvds Won't Play; Not Ntsc

    The playtime is approximately 32 minutes. I'm in the US, but now that you mentioned it, maybe I fell asleep in during the install? It probably asks for my region ( PAL vs NTSC), not my language? Duh. I will reinstall tonight, hope that is it. Thanks!
  2. Bggrit

    Dvds Won't Play; Not Ntsc

    I used the software Easy VHS to DVD 3 plus, selected the DVD at the device to record, used DVD+R (Memorex) disc. All of the players I tried to play them on indicate that the DVD+R disc type is useable on these machines. Video was approximately 2.32gb in size. Software went through "finishing" process. Recorded video looks good when played back on the computer via the Easy VHS to DVD 3 plus software or via Windows Media Player. The computer will also play the disc as burned. DVD players indicate either file type not supported or Not NTSC when attempting playback. Playback attempts included Sony Blu-ray and Toshiba DVD players, both of which will play DVDs produced via Windows DVD maker on the same computer. I would be glad to supply other useful information to troubleshoot this?
  3. My burned DVDs will play on my computer but not in any of my DVD players. I get various messages depending on the player, such as file type not supported, Not NTSC, etc. Can't find anything in the software to set format from PAL to NTSC and my Windows DVD maker program is set to NTSC. Don't know where else to look. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Bggrit

    Dvd Won't Play

    I'm experiencing a similar problem. I can burn a DVD (DVD-R) and my computer can play it back, but not any of my DVD players (Sony Blu-ray, Toshiba DVD, etc.). One player says something like "Not NTSC" Thanks