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  1. Hey, I am Giannis from Greece and I just had a phone call with the technical support (an indian lady who didnt help me at all ). So I didnt order the HD AV Cables with the Capture Card (Fail... not included?? WTF) But I have some other AV Cables, so my question is... can I use them for Roxio Game Capture????
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    Mac Maybe?

    Hey, I am gianni from Greece. I have a mac and I am about to start uploading gaming videos on YouTube. So I was looking for a cheap and good capture card and here I am. This one seems to be awesome, good quality, awesome price.... but it's only windows compatible. Hmmm I guess I will buy one, I will be recording on my windows PC, then I will export, then I will find a USB stick with huge memory, after that I will connect it to my imac and put the video into FinalCutProX. Great, I will edit it and then export it and finally share on youtube! or... ROXIO 'll make a downloadable software for mac so I will be able to record ==> edit ==> share! WOW so easy! But if this doesnt happen soon I guess I 'll buy a more expensive but mac compatible PVR from HAUPPAUGE! The choice is YOURS... let the game begin... time is running