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  1. Fair enough. Probably just go with that then.. Haha thanks
  2. well the vga -> component converter allows me to play on my computer monitor with my xbox.. but Im curious if I need a tuner card or if i can just use a splitter and bypass a tuner in general. I was watching someone use a computer monitor connection (VGA) with a dazzle HD recorder and they required a VGA Tuner.. That was with composite cables though.. The Roxio box however uses component which I can buy a VGA Splittler and then a VGA to Component and have my Video feed going to my monitor on one of the splits and then the component converter goes to the Roxio.. Does that make sense?
  3. There really is no make/model to my pc. Built it myself. Evga 680i motherboard E6850 @ 3.4ghz GTX 560 2gb 8gb ram Win7 64bit
  4. I Have an xbox 360 but I play on a computer monitor using a vga cable I drew out a diagram pretty much linking my 360 to a tuner then from the tuner i used a vga splitter branching one vga off to the monitor then one vga to a vga to component connecting that to the roxio then the roxio to my PC My question I guess is, do I need the tuner or can i Bypass that and go straight from the vga to the splitter? ((uploaded is my lunchbreak diagram lol)) Thanks for any help this community might have to offer