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    Uploading Music

    All of a sudden I can't upload music from iTunes. Format is AAC, files aren't too big. Message on Uploading Music screen is: "We had a problem saving your music file. Please try again." No luck with Try Again button - get same message.
  2. BLewisHall

    Uploading Music

    Thanks for the song. I was able to load it easily. I think I'll reinstall Photoshow to see if that helps with the AAC problem. If not, I'll guess I'll be purchasing MP3 songs in the future from Amazon. Appreciate the help.
  3. BLewisHall

    Uploading Music

    Thanks for the quick reply. I have the Premium service. According to the usage rights for iTunes Store purchases: "All songs offered by the iTunes Store now come without DRM protection." I upgraded to the newest version of iTunes and repurchased the song but am still unable to upload it to my Photoshow. I tried uploading songs that I used for other Photoshows in the past and haven't been able to upload them to my new Photoshow