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  1. Guys I fixed it. I restarted my computer to Factory Settings. I think that's the only way.,
  2. Oh, no, im using the same usb I got with the Roxio.
  3. What's a usb extension? lol. Yes I tried ALL ports and none work. And yes I have Windows Live Movie Maker and I think Sony Vegas 10.
  4. This is what pops up when I click more information
  5. Here is how it looks when I first start the Roxio program up..
  6. Yes, this is my 4th post about the same problem.. Since no one is responding to me, I shall post once more. Well I don't know how to explain my problem so I will upload photos. And yes I see both my devices working properly. And when I first start it up it says select device fail and it says no signal in green, but when I close the pop up it looks like the f2nd pic I posted.
  7. Roxio game capture still says select device failed. Can u help me ? Its been 4 to 5 months and i cant record.
  8. Ok, so I checked in the Display Manager, and both drivers are there, and it says there working properly, but it won't let me record on my computer. But the weird thing is that when I plug in in my older computer, that's a lod of crap, it works fine! I think it has something to do with my usb ports? I have a Windows 7 computer .
  9. djislam

    Roxio Game Capture Help

    Ok, I do see the 2 Roxio Drivers under the sound video and game controllers. But now my Roxio doesnt look like your post 18 anymore.
  10. djislam

    Roxio Game Capture Help

    Ok I did everything, but now it looks like your post number 18
  11. djislam

    Roxio Game Capture Help

    It's still not working. I tried all the ports....
  12. djislam

    Roxio Game Capture Help

    Yes, I do have them.
  13. djislam

    Roxio Game Capture Help

    I don't have that 480/720/1080 thing next to the input for some reason.
  14. djislam

    Roxio Game Capture Help

    No, I did see it. To be specific, the only things that are different is that by the source section it says Roxio Game Capture, the setting section is Avi. And the input section it doesn't say no input by the input section. There is nothing there. And now for some reason the no signal goes from green to red. And when I start the program the capture button is green, but in a couple of seconds it turns gray.