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  1. Hello, I had a issue with my computer and unfortunately Dell had to uninstall my Operating System. Although I had saved my files normally, the Roxio Creator 2012 I have no way that I understand to get it back. I have the product key but not sure if I even need to put it in now that I have Paint Shop Pro 4. What do you suggest? I know that the Roxio Starter is in my computer and now the Paint Shop Pro 4. I would not care except that cute little extra with Facelifter was cool. Would you know if I still have that available to download or should I just let it go? I do not want to mess up my computer but conflicting programs that could be already included in the Paint Shop Pro 4. Thank you.
  2. babesbarn

    Roxio Creator 2012 Vs Lightroom

    Thank you for responding. I purchased the Roxio Creator 2012 with Facelifter in July at 53.00 The starter Creator I had to buy when I bought my Dell Computer a year ago. Before that I was using Dimage for my camera images with a different computer. At first I thought this was great (Roxio) but it has limited capabilites. Yes I guess I hoped for more because I had a histogram with my DImage program. I tried to install my DImage when I got my computer but it would not work. So I just settled for the Roxio. Oh don't get me wrong it has nice abilites for different things. But I was hoping I could throw a background into my portraits and can't. I DO have Paint but not Paint Pro. I guess I will have to play with it to see what else I am able to do. Thank you so much again and yes Roxio is a nice program. I am wondering though if I do buy another photo editing program if I can install it and still use the Roxio with no problems. Advice please?
  3. I am a great deal disappointed. I have purchased the upgrade to the Roxio Creator 2012. My friend has a Mac but she can use "Lightroom" and that product can be used on the xps 8500 dell sells. I have the 8300 which is a workhorse and pretty hefty in software. My disappointment is that Roxio Creator does not offer any backgrounds like "lightroom" does for editing photos. I have to go online to foto.com and work online with their product. Not right as far as I am concerned. A free online service gives me photo abilities that my Roxio Creator 2012 does not. Do you know of anything I am missing where you can blend or put a separate background into the photo when editing in RAW? I would appreciate your help. Thanks
  4. I appreciate your tips! I did look at the link you provided Digital Guru and wonder if it is a trial version that says free. As you know, everyone tries to get us to click the wrong download. Is this the trial version of Revo Uninstaller Free? Thanks again all .
  5. Thank you so much! I went back to my emails because I got numerous duplicates from Roxio and one of them has a key number for FaceFilter Studio. So i copied and pasted it and IT WORKED! Not sure why I got a Norton virus protector with it because I already have McAfree on subscription. But thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Nothing is worse that not knowing if you are getting all the icon stuff. Lots of studying to do now. One more thing. I do not see that Symantic Norton Virus protector is in my programs downloaded and do have the icon. So where might I find it to remove it. I believe that even with the great speed my xps has two virus protectors would be having a "duel" am I correct? Thanks so much for the help. Your guys are great. glad I joined up.
  6. All emails received and nothing in there with more than one key. The one key is for the purchased Creator 2012 period. As a matter of fact, I had originally contacted the customer service when I purchased it and they said they were having issues themselves. They did not speak very good English but I did understand when I spoke on the telephone with them. Emailing is fruitless.Can i give you my order number and maybe you can see if you know anything. Of course I am assuming you are part of Roxio. I hope.
  7. seems this was a discussion in the past see: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/76958-missing-facefilter-key/ I do not see a resolution. And my issue is a year from that discussion too.
  8. I downloaded the software online and no information other than the "Key" for Creator 2012 was given to me. I still have the email. There is no serial number at all. The Creator opens up just fine. I am concerned about the icons that appeared once the software successfully was added to my computer. I did not use a disk. I did not order a disk, that was "extra". I am wondering if Facefilter and the DivX Movies, Player, Converter icons are part of the system I purchased since I have icons. Normally icons do not appear unless you download something. And as I said, the set up for FaceFilter was a surprise.
  9. Thank you for responding to my question. I purchased the offered $49.99 Roxio Creator 2012. Was not offered a "Pro". I did see there were two installation set ups as the installation called for 2 and I waited for each to complete. Once it was complete I registered the product. But still there is no serial number that is available. As a matter of fact, when I saw the icons and clicked on Facelifter, it asked me to fill out registration but stopped at the serial number since I could not provide one. Seems that I cannot proceed further on those icons and do not know if they are actually part of the purchase. Since I have only received the following reply from the online store support; Please note i have a Roxio Creator "Key" which allowed me to download the software online. ___________________________________________________ Dear Beverly Carter, Thank you for contacting the Sonic Solutions Online Store. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. We’re sorry, the Sonic Solutions Online Store is unable to assist with technical issues with the software you have purchased. To reach our technical support team, please go to the following site: URL: http://support.roxio.com/ For product information and technical support our support department now requires all customers to create online accounts and register products in order to access our online services. After you register, you will be able to login and access the Sonic Solutions improved Knowledge Database and send our technical support department email. To register your product, please go to: http://support.sonic.com/registration.asp If you’ve already registered your product and require support, please go to: http://support.sonic.com/login/ Sincerely, Benjamin M. Sonic Solutions Online Store Customer Service sonicstorecs@digitalriver.com Email ID: 23138910 Original Message Follows: ------------------------ A shopper has emailed customer service with a request. The following reasons were selected for the contact, and the specified email address was given for contact. ________________________________________________________________________________________ I am not able to respond as I get return my email returned and the links did not work for me. So I am here and hope someone can give me some infor whether I am suppose to get some exciting features that I do not have serial numbers for. Thank you....
  10. Hello this is my first time with this forum. I originally had the "starter" and then purchased Roxio Creator 2012 just the other day. I see icons on my desktop that require serial numbers for Facelifter, DVXPlus Converter, DVXMovies and DVXPlayer. Those icons do nothing for me and I did write to customer service and was directed to this forum. So HELP please so that I understand why i have icons and cannot click on those to use the products OR are they just for "looks"? I am pretty computer knowledgeable so I naturally am interested in not clogging up my desktop with nonscense. I did open Creator 3012 and can do many things that I could not before with the "starter" I got with my Dell XPS 8300 computer. So does anyone have any idea how I am able to register the icon programs on my desktop? I already registered Roxio Creator 2012. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Like I said before I got nothing as a help from the store I got it from. Which was online.