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  1. If this isn't considered a problem I give up.
  2. I was just trying to show the problem. The images are extremely pixelated, you can barely read the font in the second image. Perhaps this is better demonstration? Please don't tell me it's supposed to look this bad on the pc. And yes, I know about the diagram issue, although I don't really see how it's a problem. The slots are color coded, I'm certainly not so stupid I don't know to match red to red.
  3. I've checked, rechecked, and switched around as many cable as I can think of. The image looks perfectly fine on my tv, but I suppose when it passes through the capture card it gets horribly mauled. I've selected all of the different resolution combinations on the PS3, and I've enabled the color correction settings. Input is set to NTSC_M on the program itself, with 480P/.../1080I selected. I hate to start a new topic, but I'm really running out of ideas here.