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    Toast 9 Movie Editing

    tsantee Took awhile, but Video project is finished. Found an article in TOAST “How to edit or trim a video file in Toast9’. The saved portion is the ‘Yellow’ color. Thanks for your help and paience.
  2. circlelee

    Toast 9 Movie Editing

    tsantee Yes, I am still in TOAST 9. Guess I intermingle iMovie and Toast Movie. Have watched another club member do a similar EDIT deletion at a meeting and it worked OK. He selectedthe portion to be removed with some key strokes, clicked Delete and it was removed, then FILE, SAVE and the new version was on screen, less the deleted portion. His conversion required quite an extensive translation of playing the DVD Video thru a separate DVD Player unit, then processed thru a ‘Canopus’ box and then into the iMovie as I recall. Toast appears to be a much simpler method, (which I truly need) since I don’t have the separate DVD Player, the Canopus box, etc. and see nothing in the future to want to go that route. Toast 9 works very well, until I try the EDIT step. Then I can not remove the Edited portion. With all your suggestions, I have gotten this far. If I can get this final step conquered, will consider all your help well deserving of applause. The MPEGstreamclip is way out of what i need.
  3. circlelee

    Toast 9 Movie Editing

    tsantee, After all the help, I thought I was thru and doing great. Am not able to EDIT and DELETE portions after I get the Video into iMovie. When in the EDIT mode, can move the upper (White) cursor and play the full video. Can move the upper cursor arrow, click the EDIT button, then move the lower right half of the lower cursor and stop it, then again click the EDIT button. This changes the color of the section between the EDIT marks, but have tried several things to delete the section and none seem to work. Clicked the DELETE key, FILE - SAVE, etc., get a puff of smoke and when moving the top cursor again the entire Video plays. Don't do much of this, but have looked at opalla's MPEGstreamclip comment and if need to do more may give it a try. Apppreciate any ideas.
  4. circlelee

    Toast 9 Movie Editing

    tsantee I have always heard that a day without learning, is a day not utilized. I feel that I got full measure today. Thanks for the clarification on the mixup of VIDEO-TS, DVD-VIDEO, ec. This alphabetical language is out of my vocabulary. Have progressed a great deal today and am now able to get into and work the EDIT portion. I do have a question (surprise) - When I move the upper white arrow (to the right) along the blue bar and the video is playing from the beginning. Then I stop its movement and click on the EDIT button (below - center). A RED line appears on the blue bar and as I move the arrow further to the right, the bar turns ‘yellow’ and another red line when the EDIT is again clicked. Further movement of the arrow leaves the bar blue and the video continues to play. Is the section of the bar that turned yellow deleted from the video? I clicked ‘delete’ and it disappeared with a ‘poof’ of smoke. If I don’t click Delete it stays yellow. Looked in the TOAST 9 user guide (pages 99 - 100) and they say to drag the start marker full right, to mark the beginning of the video, then drag the maker full left, to mark the end of the video. Mine starts at the left end and ends at the right??? The user guide also mentions the lighter blue is included and the darker blue is removed from the final saved video. Is this just a change beween releases of software? Is my yellow deleted and the blue remains? One final quesion, do the FILE, SAVE steps save the modified video? Again, many thanks for your knowledge sharing. John
  5. circlelee

    Toast 9 Movie Editing

    Thanks for the prompt reply: Yes, the Toast 9 is 9.0.4 (253) Guess I need the full basic steps. Step 1, Step 2, 3 etc., etc. I may have to go much further back in my selection of the correct settings. Following those previously noted worked up to the EDIT part, but couldn' finish from there. When Toast 9 OPENS by clicking the BLACK Toaster icon, the left side of the screen image has a projecting section (Convert), with 5 smaller images across the top. When each is opened, they display the following; Far left image - DATA- Mac Only, Mac & PC, DVD ROM(ODF) etc. 2nd image to right - AUDIO - Audio - Audio CD, Music DVD, etc. 3rd image to right - VIDEO -DVD-Video, HD DVD Video, Video-TS COPY, etc. 4th image to right - COPY -Disc Copy - Image File, Video-TS folder, etc. 5th image to right - CONVERT - DVD Disc, Image file, Video-TS folder, etc. I had selected the 3rd from the left side, basically due to the iMovie image it displayed. I then selected the DVD-Video option. I then drug the VIDEO-TS folder onto the main Toast screen and 2 small pictures of scenes in the DVD Video-TS are shown. Now there is a small EDIT button to the right of each picture and the large RED button at the bottom. Clicking the small EDIT button opens another small screen Titled VTS_01_1.VOB. When this screen closes it is back to the screen with the 2 small pictures with the Edit buttons. Using the RED button it asks for a blank DVD disc to be inserted. I am just going around in circles and getting no wheres. Had hopes of simply getting my 64th reunion in iMovie so could pull off a few photos, but not doing so good right now. I don’t have any teen agers around that can help and was not born with a key board in my hands, so have few skills except those I can glean from the groups help. Thanks, John
  6. circlelee

    Toast 9 Movie Editing

    Toast 9 Titanium quesion on ‘Editing’ Recently received the Toast 9 disc and it is a major step up from my previous Toast 7. I am using Toast 9 on a G5 Power PC, with OSX 10.4.11. Have been reading the ‘Help’ section and found some information in a couple of replies that were posted Dec. 21st. One was by ‘tsantee’ and the other by someone in Eugene, Oregon. Following their notes, I can get a Video-TS program ,that had been recorded on a camcorder and saved to a DVD, to open in the Toast 9 movie format and play, stop, pause, start, rewind, screen snapshot, etc. However, I have not been able to do the EDIT step. After Toast 9 finishes extracting the video, a smaller screen opens and there is an ‘Options’ button only. When this is clicked, another screen opens and a ‘small’ picture (a portion of the video) with a tiny triangle in the lower left corner appears. Clicking on the triangle starts the movie playing, but only the steps noted above will function and can not do the EDIT step. I have not been able to find the place mentioned in both the above write-ups, to enter a ‘title’ and then click EDIT. The EDIT on the tool bar is blank so nothing can be done there. Hopefully, it is just a minor (I should have known that!!!) step I am missing to be able to edit the converted video, as there is lots of unrelated footage there. Thanks, Video Jon
  7. circlelee

    spin doctor

    Am new in Spin Docor. Things were going smoothly, then wanted to pause and restart recording. Clicked the Stop/Pause buttton and it said recording wasfinished. The Recording button was greyed out and inoperative. How can I stop and restart recording??? Circlelee