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    Vhs Playback No Signal

    i do not have a camcorder to test it all i have it just old vhs tapes and my vcr i have a toshiba a665 intel core i5 4gb ram M480 @2.67 ghz 64-bit operation system windows premium 7 i dont think its my computer...its fairly new...i may try another vcr maybe???
  2. brucelee1982

    Vhs Playback No Signal

    when i am recording the VHS to save onto my computer, sometimes it displays no signal and it will not record. While that is happening i can still hear the audio but it will not display and i cannot record it. Why is this happening? is it my RCA cables is it bc the VHS tape has bad sectors? I want to transfer all these vhs videos to dvd but it seems like its not working.