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    Is There A Trial?

    Finally, I find the information here: http://shop.roxio.com/store/sonic/html/pbPage.fr_FR-returns-cancellations#q1 We can return during 15 days for electronic products I don't need Creator 2012 I think, I am just interesting by authoring. I have other softs for video treatment. Thanks
  2. DavMyr

    Is There A Trial?

    it is the sales conditions: https://shop.roxio.com/store/defaults/en_GB/DisplayDRTermsAndConditionsPage/eCommerceProvider.Digital+River%2C+International+SARL https://shop.roxio.com/store/defaults/fr_FR/DisplayDRTermsAndConditionsPage/eCommerceProvider.Digital+River%2C+International+SARL
  3. DavMyr

    Is There A Trial?

    I'm from France, it was the french conditions. In UK it's: If you are a consumer, you may cancel your order for any reason within 7 working days of: 1.3.1 Receipt of Product(s). 1.3.2 Our acceptance of your order for Services. But such right to cancel shall end or not apply where: 1.3.3 You begin to receive the Services; or 1.3.4 You unseal or use any Software;
  4. DavMyr

    Is There A Trial?

    Thanks for these suggestions. But, it is written "Toutefois, si vous commandez un logiciel, votre droit de rétractation prend fin dès que vous descellez ou utilisez le logiciel." Means that if I use it I can't return it and get back the money, exact? Dav
  5. DavMyr

    Is There A Trial?

    Hi, Is it possible to get somewhere a trial? I'm afraid to pay for something I am not sure it's fine for my projects. Is this program able to: - Customize menu for DVD authoring? - customize buttons and backgrounds? - including the possibility of sub-menu? Thanks if somebody have a link with more explicit features than Roxio webpage. Dav