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  1. Hi, OK, thanks. My equivalent screen snaps are here:
  2. Hi Thanks for your suggestions and comments. The drive is recognised as the correct machine - it is a Lite-on EHBU212 external blu-ray writer ... here is a snap of how it is shown: It is USB 3.0 attached to a laptop which has an internal DVD writer, as you can see. I note that the Windows 7 driver is the one from Windows itself, which a generic windows cd-rom driver. There is no updated driver with the drive and no driver available from the Lite-on website. As I noted before, the drive operates fine using creator writing data files to blu-ray disks, it's just the writing of video that is an issue. Do you think the windows driver could be fooling the creator software to think there is no blu-ray drive available so doesn't install the plug-in? The new project menu appears as above, but without the blu-ray options which is consistent with the unavailability of the drive icon.
  3. I tried the repair approach and it hasn't worked. Windows does recognise the drive and if I choose the creator software option to write data to disk, it does recognise the drive and that there is a BD-RE disk with 22Gb of space. It seems to be only the writing of video content to blu-ray that is unavailable which makes me think the plug-in is missing or not working. Is there some simple check I can make to see if the plug-in is installed or not? Like a list of installed plug-ins or the like? Thanks Jeff
  4. Thanks for the screen shots. When I get to the last screen that you show, the blu-ray button is in lighter type and does nothing when I try to select it - that is, it is unavailable. I take this to mean that the plug-in is not installed but I guess it might be and something else is wrong. By the way, I do have a blu-ray writer attached to my system - the software was installed from it.
  5. I have bought Creator 2012 Pro and it is advertised as including the blu-ray plug-in. However, the option to write to blu-ray disks is not available in mydvd. I presume there is more to do to get the plug-in and install it. I can only see the option to buy it from them website. Can someone tell me how I get and install it please?