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    Glitchy Graphics After 20+ Mins Of Use

    It's far to common to be a heat or desktop problem. I'm no expert but could it be the software? seems every answer is blaming the customer and not the software.
  2. I have been having bad pixel problems since i got this cap card last year and i am also getting a purple preview screen when recording and also when not recording. I have reinstalled the software and have done the usual stuff. This is not my Laptop as it was working fine (apart from the pixels thing) until recently.
  3. Robm86

    Live Streaming Stops Randomly

    That's all you get on here, its never the software always your computer.
  4. Robm86

    Roxio Hd Black Screen

    But surely if it was my laptop it would not have worked to begin with?
  5. Robm86

    Live Streaming Stops Randomly

    I have the same problem. The stream runs perfectly but after 20 minutes or so the stream on twitch says im offline yet on the Roxio program it says im still streaming and it looks to be running fine. Have no idea whats wrong with it. Any ideas?
  6. Robm86

    Roxio Hd Black Screen

    Right my Roxio HD Pro was picking up my xbox perfectly but due to the stream freezing and switching itself off i decided to repair the roxio software and since then i have only been getting a black screen. I have audio and the signal say ready in green other than that nothing. Im using Hdmi but when i switch the option to component then back to Hdmi the screen comes up but when i try to capture or stream it goes black again. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software on a number of occasions but with no success. Anyone have any ideas? Im running windows 8 and my laptop is brand new so its nothing to do with the computer and as i said it was working perfectly before. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  7. Robm86

    Capture Hd Pro Now Works With Xsplit!

    What with Roixio and Xsplit working together on this project surely roxio will allow members to talk about issues?
  8. Robm86

    Capture Hd Pro Now Works With Xsplit!

    Been logging in for days now and still nothing have no idea whats up with it.
  9. I have done everything you have said. I will try to do the repair again and see what happens.
  10. I have done this and now i cannot get any signal even though it is set up the same way as it was before the repair?
  11. Sorry i did not see that you asked for a list of my specs. Urm i am not sure if this is the correct stuff but here goes Acer - Aspire X3810 PentiumĀ® Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz 2.5 Ghz Memory (RAM): 3.00GB System type: 32-bit operating system. Is that all you need?
  12. It always seems to be the PC and not a fault with the program doesn't it? i have no issue with any other software i have ever used on this computer apart from this 1 so i cannot see it being my computer. Also what are the required specs to run this software successfully? I'll do the repair now and see what happens.
  13. Robm86

    Capture Hd Pro Now Works With Xsplit!

    Yes and also add game aswell and still nothing.
  14. Robm86

    Capture Hd Pro Now Works With Xsplit!

    I had already got that.