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  1. Thanks for your help.I tried the fix the OP on the link tried(unselecting entries relating to roxio in services)I'll see how that goes.Thank you.
  2. Hi.My vista computer came with Roxio (My cd creator) pre installed.In the last week or so I am receiving a pop up with the following message/error from "Interactive services." A program can't display a message on your desktop" when I click on show message it says "Microsoft visual C++runtime error"Program es/common files/Roxio shared/9.0/SharedCom roxwatch9.exe R6025 pure virtual function call. I have tried to update the program but it says there is no internet connection even though I am connected to the internet.These mesages are happening every time I boot the computer and every 5 or 10 minutes after that,even though roxio is disabled from running at boot up?I would really appreciate some help with this as I have tried everything except uninstalling roxio.Thank you.