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  1. I bought creator 2012 early in January 2012....mailed the rebate off PROMPTLY. MONTHS later received an email that said rebate was received and being processed. Well it is now mid-July....site STILL says "Your rebate is valid and is scheduled for final processing." So now 2 emails later and was directed to an online chat.....which took 30+ minutes "technical difficulties" on their side.....basically not just responding to me. I have screen shots of the entire conversation. Well...final result is.... "please wait 8-10 WEEKS" WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the LAST time I buy from ROXIO Please if you start a class action lawsuit or know how....let me know! Companies like this should be BANNED from existing!!!! I paid them $99, but they can't rebate my $20 EVERYONE that I know and can let know....WILL KNOW that Roxio........LIES