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  1. Thanks again. One last, final question. The problem with the mistaken NTSC has been solved, but for the DVD I just made according to your suggested settings for the export, the re-encoding still took over 3 hours in Toast 11. Is that normal?
  2. Thanks for the info, tsantee. I'm re-exporting a movie right now now with DVCPRO50-PAL and with the other settings you suggest. I didn't see DVCPRO25-PAL; there is, however, DVCPRO-PAL. Could that be the same thing? I'll let you know how it goes, but everything you say makes sense, since the fps rate varying like that is extremely fishy. Last question: in your suggested settings, you've put the quality at "High" rather than "Best". These are home movies, not a professional production. Is "Best" just time- and space-wasting overkill, or does it make a visible difference?
  3. Hi tsantee, First, I should tell you that hoping to solve this problem and figuring that it was time, I went and bought Toast 11 Pro this morning. But the problem is exactly the same. So here are the answers to your questions, which apply to Toast 11 as well as 9: In FCP7, I exported using QuickTime conversion. Under Options, I chose... Video Compression type: DV-PAL Frame rate: Current Quality: Best Scan mode: Interlaced Aspect ratio: 4:3 Audio Format: Integer (Little Endian) Sample rate: 48,000 kHz Sample size: 16 bit Channels: Stereo (L R) In Toast, my movie is described as follows: Video: DV-PAL, 720x576, 23.91 fps Audio: 16 bit, Stereo, 48,000 One odd thing is that of the 6 or 7 movies I've made DVDs of so far, most caused the NTSC message to pop up, but a couple didn't. The other odd thing is that the fps rate varies from movie to movie. The one that's currently being treated is at 23.43 fps, and the NTSC message didn't appear. At the rate it's going, I would imagine that the encoding of the 90 minute movie will take a little more than an hour; with the NTSC problem, it takes over 3 hours. The two previous movies that I did were at 23.91 fps and 23.50 fps, and I had the NTSC problem with both. I hope that information is useful. I must say that I'm glad you've taken on my case, so to speak. In glancing through the forum, I could see that you're an awfully helpful person. Many thanks, Richard
  4. I live in France, and am trying to convert old Video8 tapes to DV, via a Canopus ADVC 110 and FCP7. The original tapes were made on a PAL camera, and I've succeeded in making DV-PAL format movies from them. I'm now trying to take those DV-PAL movies and make PAL DVD's from them, via Toast 9.0.7. When I try to do that, I get the attached error message, which essentially says that the TV standard is set to PAL (indeed it is, in the Toast Audio & Video Preferences), but that my content is in NTSC. The content is not in NTSC, it's in PAL, but my only choice is to write an NTSC DVD, or re-encode all content to PAL. I certainly don't wan't an NTSC disk, so I choose to re-encode what's already in PAL into PAL! That takes 3 hours for a 90 minute tape, but the resulting DVD works fine on my player and my computer. Well, at least it did for the first one. For the second one, there was a problem during the burning, so I had to redo it, and then I got the same PAL/NTSC error message, so I would have to re-re-encode the DV-PAL file! I have about 30 DVDs to make in three copies each, and I can't spend hundreds of hours doing it. I was thinking of upgrading to Toast 11, but if I'm going to have the same problem that would be money thrown out of the window. Any suggestions? Thanks. PS: Thinking that it might make a difference, I downloaded the latest version, 9.0.7a (I had 9.0.7), but when I hit the "About Toast 9 Titanium" button the version still says 9.0.9, without the little "a" at the end.