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    No Audio?

    I don't have toast, been reluctant to spend money on something I am not sure will work. Have used the trial version of many other programs and none of them have recognized chapters. Up to now I have been exporting to Quicktime format and then using "Burn" to convert from .mov to .mpg and then burn to DVD. However in the last couple days "Burn" says that the .mov is missing audio and video data and it is unable to convert. Not sure what the deal is there, didn't change any settings that I am aware of. Maybe I will just bite the bullet and purchase Toast. Thanks for the help.
  2. David 3046

    No Audio?

    Thanks for the help, the medium setting did fix the issue. My MacBook pro did not come with iDVD and I can not seem to find any DVD burner software that will recongize the chapter markers set with iMovie. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks
  3. David 3046

    No Audio?

    Thanks, i was obviously confused about which version was newer. With "Roxio Video Capture" the sound is still off by up to 5 seconds, does restarting into 32-bit kernel solve that? The sound in the preview window is spot on, but when you play back the .mov clip you get the disconnect. I understand using the medium setting while recording but from what I have read you are then unable to load the clips into iMovie?
  4. David 3046

    No Audio?

    running lion 10.7.4. Updated "Roxio Video Capture" to "Easy VHS to DVD capture". Unable to get any audio using Easy VHS to DVD capture. Restarted into 32-bit kernel and that was no help. All cables are connected properly and sound works fine when run through tv. Using Video Capture, I can get audio but the track is off by up to 5 secs. Very frustrating, any suggestions?